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A solid hardwood floor is an investment, that must last for many years and to ensure an optimal solution, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. It applies from design, installation and subsequently maintenance.

A solid wood floor from Junckers is for you if you think green, is innovative and demand the most out of your project. Junckers provides floor solutions for all types of projects, which means that we are able to offer you a solution that meets the requirements of modern buildings.

Solid hardwood floors - The best for the environment

Junckers solid hardwood floors are not only beautiful to behold, they also leave you with a clear conscience. Besides being responsibly produced with care for the environment and forestry, choosing a hardwood floor is the natural choice.

This means that a solid hardwood floor from Junckers is made from 100% hardwood and is therefore not composed of multiple layers containing substantial amounts of glue and resins. This makes for a completely natural material that will age with grace and last for generations, since a hardwood floor can be sanded and maintained repeatedly.

EPD - environmental product declaration

Sustainability has always been a focal point at Junckers, and we know from consultants, developers and architects how important it is to provide transparency and traceability in relation to materials.

Therefore, we have completed EPD's which evaluate the environmental impact of our solid hardwood floors and by this we can contribute to simplifying the work process in the selection of floors for a building to be sustainability certified.

Junckers EPD-certificates:

EPD | 2-strip parquet floors

EPD | Plank floors

Junckers is a CO2 neutral company

Despite Junckers using a considerable amount of energy to dry and process the timber, the company produces more energy than it uses. The production’s bi-products such as bark, wood-chips and sawdust are delivered to a local power-plant, which in turn provides electricity and steam to Junckers and electricity and heat to the public Danish energy-grid.

As wood is considered CO2-neutral material and because Junckers generates more energy than the business itself can consume, the energy surplus is used to produce CO2-neutral electricity, which benefits society. That makes Junckers a CO2-neutral company!

Professional advice for the entire project

Trust and advice from your floor manufacturer is an important factor and as an architect, it is always important to have your floor manufacturer with you from the planning phase, so that you get a solution that takes into account both design and function in large and small projects.

There are many factors that come into play when installing a solid wood floor. Desires and needs are different from task to task. Therefore, it is important that you get the right advice already when planning the project. By thinking of all aspects from the start, you get the optimal solution based on the prerequisites that lie in the project.

At Junckers, we are experts in wooden floors, and we would like to share that expert knowledge with you, so that you get to the finish line easier and faster and avoid unforeseen challenges.

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