Beech SylvaSquash

Fixed Sport Flooring Solution

Beech is one of Europe’s most common hardwood species and the excellent tensile strength properties, the uniform structure with white to reddish sapwood and the red-brown grain pattern provide a hard-wearing floor very suitable for all types of sport and dance activities.

In fast games like squash and racketball a surface with a high degree of friction is essential. A Beech SylvaSquash floorboard offers the necessary performance characteristics for these types of sports. The floorboard is unsealed and has a slightly roughened surface. This provides the high level of friction required by the sport, while still keeping risk of injury to an absolute minimum. Junckers solid hardwood sports flooring is produced and categorized in accordance with EN 13629, EN 14904 and Junckers own factory standard.

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This grade has a uniform look with very little colour and structural graining variation between the individual staves. Only few small knots and very fine hairline splits occur.

Classic thickness x width
22 mm × 129 mm

Classic surfaces
Sand paper grit 40


Sports Floors

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