F 40.2

F 40.2


2-component very hardwearing water-based polyurethane sealer for renovating of pvc-, vinyl- and linoleum floors. By protecting the surface with PUR Professional the lifespan of the floor will be prolonged.

Use PUR Professional on floors in educational institutions, senior living spaces, in health care, retail, offices, hairdresser salons, hospitality, leisure areas and sport halls. 

PUR professional eliminates the need to maintain with wax or polish. The floor only needs to be washed on a regular basis.

For professional use only.


Two-component water-based polyurethane sealer.

Package sizes: 4.95 litres (4.5+0.45) in glosslevel ultra matt.

Appearance: Creamy/milky in the container. Colourless film when dry. 

Resistance properties:
Hair dyes, hair perm lotion, iodine and plasticizers migration from the substrate can cause discoloration of the surface. 

If there is a requirement for resistance to disinfectants, it is recommended to test the agents on site.


Coverage: 10-12 m² per litre.

Mixing: 10 parts of sealer to 1 part of hardener.

Before application:
Shake the sealer thoroughly until any settled product has been shaked in. Add hardener and shake the sealer thoroughly again, minimum 45 seconds. After adding hardener leave for 10 minutes. Shake the sealer again prior to use, minimum 45 seconds.

Pot-life: The mixture should be used within 2 hours. Avoid reuse of mixed material beyond this time.

Application tools: Brush, lacquer roller, air/airless spray.

Substrate temperature: 15-25 °C.

Dilution: Maximum 15 % dilution with water by spray application.

Drying time at 20 °C and 50 % RH:
Approx. 3 hours. Ready for light traffic: 8 hours.
Fully cured after 72 hours.

Cleaning of tools: Soap and water immediately after use.

Storage: Lasts for 1 year if unopened and stored at 20 °C. Not to be exposed to temperatures below 5 °C.


Floors not previously sealed with PUR Professional:

  • Floors treated with wax or polish must be thoroughly cleaned with Junckers PUR Intensive Cleaner before the floor is sealed.
  • Use a mop to spread the cleaning agent and work it using a buffing machine mounted with a black nylon scouring pad.
  • Then wash the floor with clean water and make sure that no residues are left on the surface.
  • Leave to dry for 4-8 hours.

Especially for linoleum floors:
If the surface after cleaning feels rough and uneven, it may be necessary to lightly sand the surface with 150–180 grit sandpaper.

  • Apply one coat of Junckers PUR Professional.
  • Leave to dry for a minimum of 3 hours and then apply the final coat.
  • Leave to dry completely before use.
  • Before sealing the full area, it is recommended to conduct a trial application on a smaller area.

Discoloured aged linoleums floors:
The above mentioned method is a way of maintaining the surface and establishes only to some extent the original colour. More in-depth mechanical abrasion must be conducted, if the original colour is to be restored.

Previously sealed floors:

  • Mix Junckers SylvaNeutralizer in warm water and clean the floor. 
  • When the floor is dry, sand lightly using grit 150-180 sandpaper.
  • Vacuum sanding dust and wipe off with a cloth well wrung in clean water.
  • Apply one coat of PUR Professional and leave to dry.
  • Before sealing the full area, it is recommended to conduct a trial application on a smaller area. 


Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures. See Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.


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