Junckers Clip Systems Floors For Sports Halls And Larger Areas

Our recommendations for laying large areas of Clip system flooring have changed.

In our revised installation instructions we have introduced new guidance for floors up to 500sqm in size, and for those greater than 500sqm.

You can find these instructions on our Technical Data Sheet D 2.1 using the link below:

Technical Data Sheet D 2.1

As you will see, for areas greater than 500sqm we recommend using one clip size larger than normal (for UK customers the 129.6mm clips are available to order).
The recent change to our Clip system instructions opens up opportunities for specifiers and contractors to use Clip system floors for the largest sports and activity halls in the market. Given that there are already many older Clip system floors in very large halls that have performed perfectly for years we know that properly fitted the Clip system is an excellent choice for Sports and multipurpose halls where a low-level sprung floor is required.
As with any floor installation, correct fitting technique is crucial, and it is important to be sure that:

  • The correct number of clips are used, spaced correctly.
  • Both ends of the Clip are properly located in the clip grooves.
  • Site conditions and subfloor are within the right tolerances.
  • Correct expansion gaps are left.

Installation Tip:
On thicker underlays such as Junckers 10mm Sports Foam some contractors use a thin metal plate which is slid between the clip and the underlay before pushing down on the board to engage the clip. Some installers have used a “putty knife” or metal scraper.

For further information please contact Junckers technical department.