Product Design Change; Junckers 129.4mm “2 hole” clips

We have recently changed the profile of our 129.4mm “2-hole” Clips. The new clips have a shallower “V” profile than the original.

The reason for this change is to make installation of our 20.5mm thick solid plank floors easier to install, but the same clip is equally suitable for other Junckers floors including our 2 strip and 15mm plank products.

The tongue and groove joints on our 20.5mm thick floors are intentionally a little tighter than those on other floor boards in our range and this can present some difficulties in fitting the clips if the installer’s technique is not perfect.

The new profile clip lays flatter beneath the floor board which means that the clip end will locate easily and cleanly into the clip groove.

These clips are recommended for our 20.5mm thick plank floors. For all other floors the new and old clips (whilst stocks last) may be mixed with no problem.

The product code for the new clips is 091294-250.