Using “Non Junckers” Floor Lacquers on Junckers Sports and Activity Floors

How Does it Affect the Junckers Warranty?

It has recently been claimed by one of our competitors in the lacquers and oils market that if customers use their lacquer; “No warranty of the floor will be affected”. We cannot speak on behalf of other floor manufacturers but wish to make it clear that the Junckers warranty will only be valid if the floor is maintained with Junckers lacquers.

Clients and designers are often keen to have the manufacturer’s back-up for the whole floor system from “cradle to grave” and it was with this in mind that Junckers introduced its warranty scheme.
The scheme has proved to be very successful, to the point that many specifiers will not consider using a floor system which does not have such a warranty. This has led to an environment where the specifier or main contractor will often show a strong preference for using a Junckers Approved Contractor for the work.

What They Like About the Warranty
It gives them peace of mind that if something should something go wrong with the floor it will be put right.
They know that all the components that make up the floor have been tested so they will work properly with one another and will continue to perform for the whole life of the floor.
They like the “one stop shop” approach. With a warranted floor, if there should be a problem they know that they will not be passed from “pillar to post” between different suppliers and manufacturers.

Your peace of mind
All lacquer and oil manufacturers have to change the formulation of their products from time to time, either by choice or as a result of compulsory changes to solvent regulations. If we need to change our products we will always ensure that they remain compatible with our floors and other lacquers in our range.

If they no longer work in certain combinations then we will always let you know. With a “non Junckers” lacquer product you will never know if the formulation has changed until you find that it will not flow or adhere properly, or some other type of failure occurs.