Placing High Loads on Junckers Sports Floors

We are often asked about placing higher loads on our floors, eg. for weight training, temporary staging, access equipment. With Junckers you have a direct link with the teams who are testing and developing our floors , and you can draw upon  our wealth of experience.
Our basic information source on loadings is our data sheet D 1.0 which shows the maximum wheel, point and uniform loads that out sports floor systems will bear. See this link-

It is not always possible to apply this to client’s specific requirements. Higher loads can often be accommodated by using load spreading plywood sheets. We suggest that you seek our advice if you are unsure if the loads you intend to put on the floor will be safe or not.
Here are some of the things that we are often asked about, and some general guidance on what to do.  
Free Weights - Dumbells
May cause dents and splits if dropped. Use purpose-made protective mats.
Free Weights - Barbells 
A purpose made weight lifting deck must be used, designed to suit the weights being lifted. Ask the supplier for advice on choosing a deck.
Exercise machines
Treadmills, rowing machines, static weights etc Many of these will have a leg load below the 250kg limit. For heavier machines consult Junckers Ltd.
Temporary Stages/ Boxing Rings
The stage supplier will be able to supply the maximum load per leg. Where two or more legs are grouped closely together the force in that area may be high enough to require load spreading plywood pads. Consult Junckers for advice.
Tower Scaffolds
Many towers will not exceed the max 250kg per leg, limit, but in order to avoid minor surface damage we suggest using ply pads for protection.
High Level Access Machines; “Cherry Pickers”
These vary significantly in size, weight and configuration therefore we suggest that you consult us prior to hiring a machine. The Junckers floor can bear heavy loads from large machines but load-spreading ply layers may be needed.
The wheel load of the car must not exceed 300kg, therefore a small car with a max weight of 1200 kg may be used on the floor without the need for protection. The car must be pushed, not driven, and braking done carefully so as not to overload the front wheels. Larger vehicles may be used if load spreading ply layers are used. Consult Junckers for advice.

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